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The devil wears Prada. So do angels. Prada’s luxurious styles and seductive fragrances will make you feel ecstatic. Experience Prada in the Aelia Duty Free eShop and in the shops at Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport, and bring out your own unique personality. La Femme Prada Eau de Parfum reveals the Prada women’s multiplicity, while Infusion d’Iris is a sensual interpretation of fresh irises and morning dew. For men, Prada has created Les Infusions de Prada and Luna Rossa Carbon. While Prada is a luxury fashion house, it likes to use its logo sparingly. While the famous silver triangle is world-famous, it doesn’t immediately catch the eye, which is why we like it so much. And you? Prada develops its collections especially for you. Italian fashion house Prada is the quintessential luxury goods label, selling apparel, leather accessories, leather goods, shoes and fragrances…

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