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Is beer made in heaven? We are eternally gratefully to the monks of Leffe Abbey, who had the genius idea in 1240 to build a brewery to produce their heavenly Leffe beer. Have a look at the traditional and special editions of Leffe in our Aelia Duty Free eShop and in our shops at Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport. Prepare to be surprised by over 8 centuries of craftsmanship. The beer which Leffe Abbey brewed in its heyday c. 1740 was so tasty that the parishioners preferred to quaff Leffe on Sundays rather than go to Mass. The abbey and brewery were forced to close after the French Revolution, reducing Leffe beer to a distant memory until the abbey reopened in 1929. Since then, Belgian multinational AB InBev has acquired Leffe, allowing the brewery to continue its tradition. Be surprised by Leffe Royale, Leffe Blond and Leffe Brown and the company’s many other brews at Aelia Duty Free.

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