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The Belgian Tripel Karmeliet beer is the most popular beer of the Bosteels Brewery and can be found on the shelves of every supermarket and beer and wine warehouse in Belgium. But it is equally popular in international markets. Which is why we added this classic to the Aelia Duty Free eShop range and also sell it in our shops at Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport. Tripel Karmeliet was launched in 1996 and is a gold to bronze-coloured beer with a deliciously foamy head. The ingredients of this Belgian beer include barley, wheat and oats. Karmeliet has already won several awards, including the Best Pale Ale Abbey at the 2008 World Beer Awards. The beer is served in an elegant beer glass, featuring the characteristic French lily. A firm favourite with many a beer lover! Buy your Karmeliet online now, or in our shops, and enjoy it, down to the last drop.

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