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Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gautier adores extremes, creating unusual styles and fragrances. Discover the styles of the enfant terrible of the fashion world in the Aelia Duty Free eShop and the IDF shops at Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport. Shopping has never been this tempting… Most people associate Jean Paul Gaultier with sensuous, seductive styles and fragrances. The common theme in all his product lines is the tongue-in-cheek eroticism, which he uses to bring out women’s lush curves and men’s powerful silhouette. With no formal training, Gaultier was nonetheless able to conquer the Paris fashion scene, becoming the darling of many a fashion designer. What makes Jean Paul Gaultier so special and unique, is the way in which he inspires and fascinates fashion-conscious consumers, managing to always fulfil their requirements and wishes. Shop Jean Paul Gaultier’s perfumes now at Aelia Duty Free.