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The Belgian beer brand Delirium is truly magical, with its pink elephant. Find out for yourself how the warm glow of Delirium beer warms your tongue and your palate. You can find the famous Delirium beer in the eShop or in the Aelia Duty Free shops at Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport. Delirium is brewed by Brouwerij Huyghe in Melle, near Ghent, and is sold around the world. The pink elephant has become synonymous with fun times, and is very popular in France and the United States. In addition to the fun logo, the beer also tastes great, making it a hit with beer lovers. In 2004, the Delirium Café opened its doors in Brussels, with a whopping 2004 beers on the menu! And the concept is being rolled out elsewhere, including Italy, France, Rio de Janeiro and even Tokyo! But you can also enjoy these beers at home. Snap up some Delirium at Aelia Duty Free and share it with friends!

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