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Crunchy biscuit with spices.

Maison Dandoy’s speculoos is 100% Belgian and an artisan product. Don’t forget to snap up a box of speculoos in our Aelia Duty Free eShop or visit our shops at Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport. You can taste their passion for their trade and their attention to detail in every biscuit. Or as they like to say at Maison Dandoy: “There’s more to Maison Dandoy than just biscuits. It’s a way of life.” Maison Dandoy was founded by Jean-Baptiste Dandoy. The first shop opened its doors in the centre of Brussels in 1829. From the outset, Maison Dandoy was an authentic success story. Jean-Baptiste handed down his passion for biscuits to his son. Now, over 150 years later, their speculoos is still produced according to the same original recipe, using the same ingredients. At Maison Dandoy they still mix fresh butter and brown sugar, pressing the mixture into the wooden moulds to create their unique artisan speculoos.

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Collect this item at departure

Avoid the queue and pick up your product at the airport before your flight. Free service available to all passengers with a valid flight ticket departing from Charleroi Airport.

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Choose the home delivery and your product will be delivered directly to your home at the latest 72 hours after your date of departure or arrival. This service is available to all passengers with a Belgian home address and a valid flight ticket departing or arriving at Charleroi Airport. Free home delivery for all orders above 50€.

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