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Côte d'Or

Côte d'Or

Taste the magic power of chocolate and the history of Côte d’Or in its chocolate. You can find the brand’s popular chocolate products, such as the Chokotoff, the Mignonette and its Bouchée in the Aelia Duty Free eShop or shops at Brussels Airport or Charleroi Airport. The history of this world-famous chocolate brand starts in 1883 when Belgians were introduced to new flavours following the colonisation efforts. The Côte d’Or brand was registered that same year and refers to the Gold Coast or present-day Ghana, where it sourced part of its cocoa beans. The elephant in the logo symbolises the brand’s power. During World War II, Côte d’Or stopped producing chocolate because cocoa beans were unavailable. Fortunately production restarted after Expo 58.

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