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Live the Italian dream with Collistar and Aelia Duty Free! Enjoy the brand’s great range of products in our eShop or in our shops at Brussels Airport or Charleroi Airport. Collistar perfectly combines high technology with the Italian passion for creativity, quality and beauty. First launched as the cosmetics division of a leading Italian pharmaceutical company in Milan in 1963, it soon became a successful international beauty brand. In 2003, the brand reinforced its position when it became a leader of the global beauty market which it has been for 14 consecutive years. Today, Collistar products are sold all over the world. After over 30 years, the brand continues to offer a unique attention to its customer's needs, who love their products and choose them every day. Those who buy Collistar do not simply buy a product or service, they embrace its philosophy!

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  1. Collistar Pencil Sharpener
    In Eu €8.80
    Out Eu €8.80 €586.67/L
  2. Collistar Anticellulite Capsules Caffeine + Escin
    In Eu €36.50
    Out Eu €36.50 €429.41/L
  3. Collistar Plumping Gloss
    In Eu €20.20
    Out Eu €20.20
  4. Collistar Patch-Treatment
    In Eu €41.80
    Out Eu €41.80 €836/L
  5. Collistar Mascara Volume Unico
    In Eu €22.90
    Out Eu €22.90
  6. Collistar Mascara Volume Unico Waterproof
    In Eu €21.90
    Out Eu €21.90
  7. Collistar Nourishment and Luster Line Travel Kit
    In Eu €11.40
    Out Eu €11.40 €76/L
  8. Collistar Reconstructing Replumping Shampoo
    In Eu €14.50
    Out Eu €14.50 €58/L
  9. Collistar Reconstructing Replumping Pack-Mask
    In Eu €21.90
    Out Eu €21.90 €219/L
  10. Collistar Reconstructing Replumping Fix-active Spray
    In Eu €18.10
    Out Eu €18.10 €181/L
  11. Collistar Nero Sublime Precious Pearls Eyes
    In Eu €45.30
    Out Eu €45.30 €453/L
  12. Collistar Gentle Two-Phase Make-Up Remover
    In Eu €22.90
    Out Eu €22.90
  13. Collistar Supertanning Moisturizing Milk Spray SPF 15
    In Eu €26.90
    Out Eu €26.90
  14. Collistar Moisturizing Restructuring After Sun Balm
    In Eu €30.90
    Out Eu €30.90
  15. Collistar Supermoisturizing Regenerating After Sun Cream
    In Eu €24.90
    Out Eu €24.90
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Items 1-15 of 140

per page
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