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International Duty Free today's selection
Browse our selection of over 5,000 exclusive products from leading brands at great savings, including premium Belgian products, lovely fragrances, delicious chocolates and exclusive skincare and make-up.
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  1. Moroccanoil Hydrating Heroes
    In Eu €41.90
    Out Eu €41.90
  2. L'Oréal Paris The Night Escape
    In Eu €19.90 €28.10
    Out Eu €19.90 €28.10
  3. Highland Park Highland Park Spirit of the Bear
    In Eu €55.90 €55.9/L
    Out Eu €51.90 €51.9/L
  4. Camus Camus VSOP Borderies
    In Eu €73.80 €73.8/L
    Out Eu €69.40 €69.4/L
  5. Carolina Herrera Bad Boy EDP
    In Eu €55.90 €698.75/L
    Out Eu €55.90 €698.75/L
  6. Corné Port-Royal Grand-Place
    In Eu €10.90 €62.29/KG
    Out Eu €10.90 €62.29/KG
  7. Godiva Chocolate Domes
    In Eu €13.30 €47.5/KG
    Out Eu €13.30 €47.5/KG
  8. Leonidas Leonidas Gift Box Dark
    In Eu €12.10 €56.28/KG €13.50 €62.79/KG
    Out Eu €12.10 €56.28/KG €13.50 €62.79/KG
    Belgian Original
  9. Kenzo Kenzo World Power
    In Eu €68.90 €1378/L
    Out Eu €68.90 €1378/L
  10. Keizer Karel Keizer Karel Golden Blond
    In Eu €4.60 €6.13/L €5.80 €7.73/L
    Out Eu €4.40 €5.87/L €5.50 €7.33/L
  11. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau EDT
    In Eu €58.10 €774.67/L
    Out Eu €58.10 €774.67/L
  12. Lancôme Idôle EDP
    In Eu €47.90 €1916/L
    Out Eu €47.90 €1916/L
  13. Dolce & Gabbana K EDT
    In Eu €53.90 €1078/L
    Out Eu €53.90 €1078/L

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