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Find out which products Aelia Duty Free selected especially for you. Buy your favourite product online and have it delivered directly to your home or collect it yourself at the airport thanks to our Click&Collect service. Give yourself a treat and click now to buy!
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  1. Biotherm Biotherm Homme Special Offer - FoamShaver Trio
    In Eu €22.90
    Out Eu €22.90
  2. L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Programme
    In Eu €19.90 €25.90
    Out Eu €19.90 €25.90
  3. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Giò for Men
    In Eu €92.90
    Out Eu €92.90
  4. Versace Bright Crystal
    In Eu €65.70
    Out Eu €65.70
  5. Tintin Tintin birthday calendar©
    In Eu €8.90
    Out Eu €8.90
  6. Go Travel Snoozer
    In Eu €10.80
    Out Eu €10.80
  7. Go Travel Travel Trolley
    In Eu €27.00
    Out Eu €27.00
  8. Belgium Scarf
    In Eu €18.50
    Out Eu €18.50
  9. Go Travel EU-UK Adaptor©
    In Eu €9.90
    Out Eu €9.90
  10. Lancôme Bi-Facil
    In Eu €54.90
    Out Eu €54.90
  11. THILL Snow Globe Grand-Place
    In Eu €8.50
    Out Eu €8.50
  12. Sisley Instant Perfect
    In Eu €52.30
    Out Eu €52.30
  13. Lancôme Bocage Déodorant
    In Eu €61.70
    Out Eu €61.70
  14. Lancôme Wash The Day Off
    In Eu €79.90
    Out Eu €79.90
  15. Versace Pour Homme
    In Eu €77.40
    Out Eu €77.40
  16. Lancôme Miracle Duo
    In Eu €119.90
    Out Eu €119.90
  17. Nuxe Poudre Éclat Prodigieux® Multi-Usage Compact Bronzing Powder
    In Eu €29.90
    Out Eu €29.90
  18. Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme
    In Eu €51.90
    Out Eu €51.90
  19. Lancôme 24-Hour Moisturising Skin Cares
    In Eu €94.90
    Out Eu €94.90
  20. Versace Pour Homme
    In Eu €59.30
    Out Eu €59.30
  21. PLUUT Bell Manneken-Pis
    In Eu €6.70
    Out Eu €6.70

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